Vision, Mission and Objectives

vision missionVision

To create a healthy and equalised society where every single human being beyond age, sex, caste, creed and religion will have the prospect to live with self respect and self confidence through empowerment and development of community leadership


Social, cultural and economical development with behavioural change of community,  keeping focus on the rights of the poor tribal and other minorities, especially highlighting women and children's rights and gender equality through natural resource management and sustainable livelihood initiatives


  • To empower and organise people through their capacity development for their participation in several steps of development
  • To facilitate oppressed community through ensuring sustainable livelihood through Natural Resource Management
  • To facilitate effective and beneficial implementation of government schemes in community
  • To decrease the health problems through relating people with government programmes
  • To develop community leadership to make them understand the power of gram sabha and strengthen local self government through Panchayati Raj Institutions
  • To facilitate people for Community Based Organisations
  • To mainstream people with development process through their social, cultural and economical development
  • To bring behavioural change in day to day life of the people