Health, Sanitation and Hygiene

health sanitationLSS is addressing the issue of complete cleanliness in its operational area through the intervention of Mitanin to disseminate the sanitation message to every people in the area. Mitanin's services for the community in the area have brought a remarkable difference in MMR (Mother Mortality Rate) and IMR (Infant Mortality Rate).

Mitanin is a community health worker whose reach is in each and every family of the village and enjoys a good rapport with the panchayat. Earlier she was consulted only on health issues of the area but the organisation got them educated on health and sanitation issues to create a demand among the people for sanitation tools.

In collaboration with SHRC Raipur and State Government, LSShad been working on Mitanin programme in 148 villages of Pusor block and 136 villages of Kharasia block. At present the programme is conducted directly by the Health department but LSS is having a better networking with this program. Over 800 Mitanins in Pusor and Kharasia blocks are serving the people with full responsibilities. These mitanins take care of the health of children in the age group 0-5 years, pregnant women and their safe delivery. The organisation imparts training to them on the issues of nutrition, health and social security.

Water Aid Project

The Water Aid Project was a community initiative on water cleanliness and use of toilets for the betterment of hygiene and sanitation facilities in the area. The project was run with support from Water Aid India, Delhi and Bhopal. The project aimed at providing clean drinking water to everyone; make the community understand the usefulness of toilets and proper implementation of the sanitary and hygienic habits among them.

Various activities performed in the area regarding health, hygiene and sanitation were:

  1. Village Water and Sanitation Committee formation and capacity building 
  2. Capacity Building in different level i.e. PRIs, ICDS workers, Mitanins, Masons and Hand pump Mechanics etc.
  3. New hand pump installation, repairing and restoration
  4. Water testing and treatment
  5. Waste water management
  6. Soak pit, washing platform, hand pump platform construction
  7. Household toilet, NADEP model, school toilet and school urinal construction
  8. Adolescent girls' training
  9. Safe menstrual hygiene management
  10. Compost pit
  11. Rain water harvesting system
  12. Village drainage system and drain construction
  13. Behavioral change (community and individual)
  14. Convergence with other stakeholders
  15. Mini pipeline supply
  16. New water tank and repairing of existing tanks
  17. Advocacy