livelihoodTo pave the path of development process in the operational area, LSS has adopted a three pronged approach to make for the livelihood of the tribal of the area:

  1. Eradicating poverty through formation of SHGs and building their capacity
  2. Working on NREGA interventions to ensure them of the opportunities
  3. Providing training to the tribals on various income generation activities

Poverty Eradication Programmes

LSS has been worked on poverty reduction in 49 villages of 25 panchayats of Sarguja district. A total of 286 CIG (Common Interest Groups) and a federation have been formed. These CIGs had been linked to various income generation activities through bank linkages and provided training to make them both economically and socially independent.

The organisation was working on Community Based Pro-Poor Initiative (CBPPI) in 100 villages of Raigarh district. Through this initiative, LSS ensureed social audit, gram sabha empowerment, leadership development, CBO formation and income generation from local resources. All the activities were mainly focused on socio-economic development of women. The community was also made aware of literacy and developmental schemes of government and of their basic rights.

NREGA Interventions

LSS is working on NREGA interventions in 30 GPs of Kharsia Block of Raigarh district. Through the programme it is ensuring payment of wages to labour, job card making, check on migration and increasing livelihood based activities through people's participation.

The organisation has also worked successfully on NREGA interventions in seven villages of Pathhalgaon block of Jashpur district and seven villages of Pusore block of Raigarh district. Through its collaboration with panchayats, it took the initiative to develop the capacity of the villagers for their progress. The intervention has increased the demand of making of the job cards and hence demands for the employment. The organisation's micro level planning has strengthened the panchayats in implementing the project.

Income Generation Activities

LSS promotes the SHG formation and then facilitates them training for various Income Generation Activities like fishery, collective farming, NTFP collection, goat rearing, poultry, bamboo works, carpentry, sericulture, horticulture, animal husbandry, dairy farming, etc., so that they get themselves involved as per their interests and get the maximum benefit of the locally available resources.