Child Rights and Child Protection

childlineUnder this thematic area, Lok Shakti Samiti is running a childline. Childline (1098) is a project of the Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India. This is a 24-hour phone service for children who need security and care along with the children who are facing the violation of child rights. The service is available for the children who are:

  • Alone or sick
  • Facing violation of child rights
  • Child labour
  • Lost child
  • Helpless or orphan
  • Separated from family and need help to go home

Number of activities are organised throughout the year for the children. Some of these include celebration of national nutrition month programme, global hand wash day programme, childline friendship week, national girl child day programme, sensitisation workshops, training, etc.

Childline works with the cooperation of several departments like district administration, women and child development, police department, labour department, health department, education department, PRIs and workers, NGOs, telephone department, transport department, Nagar Nigam Raigarh, etc.